The Cappadocia Bishops.

Tuesday, 1/2/18

St.  Basil and St. Gregory were bishops born around the year 350 .A.D. in what is now south central Turkey. Basil had a sister St. Makrina and a brother Gregory of Nyssa.

St. Basil, along with his brother Gregory of Nyssa and their friend Gregory of Naziansen, had studied together both in Alexandria and Constantinople; and the
three  them ended up  as bishops of near-by dioceses.

As the head of their family, Basil and Gregory had a sister, Makrina, who is also honored as a saint. Makrina, who lived like a nun, invited Basil and the two Gregory's to live and study and pray at her estate in Cappadocia. She encouraged them to refine the Church's teaching on the Holy Spirit and the Trinity.  

Makrina is admired and loved as a Patron of Christian wisdom. And, If you will permit me; I would like to compare her to Lady Gregory who fostered all the topnotch productions of Irish Literature.

A century and a half ago, when Ireland was parceled out to Protestant landlords, Augusta Gregory was raised on the Coole Estate in Galway, but with her parents always away, Augusta was raised by an Irish nanny who filled her imagination with Irish folklore.

She was married young, and she was till young when Lord Gregory died, leaving her to do as she liked. What she liked doing was giving encouragement to men who would give Ireland much of the Nineteenth Century' s finest poetry and drama.

Once in roaming around the Coole Estate, I came across a tree on which Yeats, Synge and O'Casey had carved their names.  

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