Our English version of the Consecration change what the original Greek text says.

Saturday, 1/6/18

Let me say a few words about our receiving the body and blood of Jesus at Mass, and for that we must go back to the Last Supper.

Jesus at the Last Supper, followed a ritual framework for such formal Jewish meals. There were three parts to that table blessing for which the host had to choose his own words each time.

In Our Lord's time those parts were known by their Greek labels. The first part, when they recalled God's many favors was called the Anamnesis. The second part when they asked God to join them, was called the Epiclesis. The third part. the Eucharis, or in English, the Pleasing Gift, was a sacrifice by which the host and guests made themselves into a "Pleasing Gift" to God.

Now, the Gospels and Paul's Letters were all written in Greek.

And, our American translations of those works are in English.

Unfortunately, those two versions contradict each other.

A straight forward translation of the Greek text has Jesus, at the Eucharistia, saying, "Take this and eat, This is my body which is for you"

Now, for their own reasons, our bishops leave out the part of it being at the Eucharisiia. And, instead of following Our Lord's wording in the Greek, they switch it to have him say, "This is my body which wiill be for you."

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