Mark's Gospel first demonstrated that Jesus was the Savior, going on then to demonstrate how it was by his suffering that he saved us.

Tuesday. 1/9/18

With many people in Mark's time saying that Jesus could not be the Savior, since he died from his suffering, Mark wrote his Gospel to demonstrate first that Jesus was the Savior, and next that he saved us by his suffering.

His Gospel is sixteen chapters long with the first half of it, beginning with today's account of the demons declaring him to be the Messiah, concludes at the end of Chapter Eight, with Peter saying that he and his companions have been entirely convinced that Jesus was the Savior.

At that exact half way point of his Gospel, Mark switched to Jesus saying that his suffering, far from being a reason he could not be our Savior, switched to showing that it was by his suffering that Jesus would save us.

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