Jesus is not asking us to practise Poverty. he is asking us to practice friendless.

Wednesday, 2/1/18

In telling his disciples to bring nothing for thier journeys, "no food, no money in their belts" he was not asking them to practice Poverty. No, he was telling them to throw themselves on the hospitality of strangers.

He had a similar motivation for sending them in pairs. It ties in with his saying, "In this will all  know that you are my disciples, that  you have love for one another."

A fellow missionary of mine in Korea refused eating what the people there eat. He gave in when a woman insisted he eat at least a single egg. When he agreed, the woman pulled out an egg she had hidden in her under garments. Then, pulling a spike from her hair bun, she poked a hole in the raw egg, telling my fastidious friend to suck on it.

Yesterday I made friends with the lady barber assigned me. She is called Cee Dee. Her two year-old is very inventive, He grandfather, up in the hills of Haiti, lived to be a hundred and thirteen. He was a genius at making friends with people.

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