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Wednesday, 1/24/18

With my having turned ninety yesterday,  I, more than other people, have memories about how things used to be.

Like, from fifty or sixty years ago I remember old time Catholics expressing their discontent over the church's doing away with many saints days. Do you remember how uncomfortable we were with all the Old Testament readings they slapped on us?

It used to be that with a saint for very day, people would know today as the feast of Francis Sales, not as January 24.

Today's Francis was tall and clever. It had his father putting the family's savings into preparing him for a well-paying office. Francis did get his degree, and he did secure a post as chancellor of a department of Savoy bordering on Switzerland.     

With that area beg a hotbed of Calvinism, Francis at one time was won over by those who said he had been born just to be damned. It had him struggling through days of deep despair until Mary brightened his world for him.

We have learned to wring true spiritual nourishment from the Old Testament readings that were forced on us sixty years ago. Still it's great that we have the saints to get us through the hard times.

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