After capturing the Ark, the Philistines returned it.

Thursday, 1/11/18

Yesterday we read how the sons of Eli had brought the Ark of the Lord into battle with the Philistines, only to have the Israelites defeated, bringing about the death of Eli's two sons, Hophni and Phinehas.alonfg with

The triumphant Philistines mounted the Ark of the Covenant to lodge on the altar their god Dagon at Ashdod, but after sleeping, they found that Dagon had come down from his pedestal to worship the Ark.

The Philistines then looked for a safe place to lodge the Ark, but  any town that the Ark passed through broke out in hemorrhoids, and was swarmed with mice.

To clear themselves of such afflictions, the Philistines loaded the Ark onto a cart pulled by a pair of milk cows. Pointing it toward the Israelite villages, as offerings, they placed within it five hemorrhoids and five mice, carved from pure gold.

The cows wandered into the yard of inhabitants of Kiriath-jearim where it rested for twenty years.     

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