We should shake free the useless husks in our lives.

Thursday, 12/14/17

The first reading gives us a vivid picture for ridding our lives of the useless elements hanging on to them. It compares them to cellulose husks encasing grains of wheat. In describing how those husks are done away with, the Bible is suggesting that you could do something similar for yourself.

On a clear night,  farmers spread their wheat harvest over open ground, and then they beat it with many tonged sledges, loosening the cellulose husks from the wheat grain. Then they pile the crushed grains on to sheets from which they thrust the grain and husks skyward.  

Then, as  fellow workers swing their winnowing fans, the yellow clouds of wheat and husks float off in the the torch light.

Isaiah suggests that you might devise your own plan for wafting away the husks in your life.

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