Today we honor the Holy Family and the famlies God gave us.

Sunday, 12/31/17

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family, and we try to grasp something of the pride and love that Mary and Joseph felt when Jesus was forty days old, and they carried him to the temple, stopping again and again to look down of his face.

This is also a day on which we urge ourselves to be better members of our families. The first reading assures us that our efforts will be rewarded by our having our prayers heard, and by our living long lives, and our being gladdened by children.

When it comes to the relations we have with our siblings, we find them unaltered by their deaths. I had a brother, Frank; and sisters Kay, Joan, Prudy and Peggy. For years each of them was only a phone call away, and now they are just a prayer, or a few good chuckles away.

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