There is a time for everything.

Saturday, 12/9/17

Jesus told the twelve  to go to the lost sheep, of the house of Israel, and that could bring us to ask what about the rest of us?

Back when i was teaching the Gospel of Matthew to our Seventh Grade, I asked for written answers to the question: "Was it fair for Jesus to send the Apostles only to Jews?"

And as always, I got a variety of answers.   Some kinds wrote that it wasn't fair. Others wrote that whatever Jesus did had to be right.

The best answers came from those who could remember Ecclesiastes saying, "There is a time for everything."

How does that apply to us? Some things should be done now, some things later. Can you come up with examples of both?

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Unknown said...

It was time for Jesus to send the 12 to the House of Lsreal. Our time was later,

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