Have your sins brought on trouble for yourself?

V=Monday, 12/11/17

Some of Our Lord's miracles were dramatic. Like when he halted a young man's funeral procession to touch the corpse, and give the boy back to his mother. Then, it was great the way he cured a man who had for years tried to make it into a pool for a cure. But, the cure in today's Gospel was the most fun for us to picture.

The pals of a paralyzed boy, hearing about Jesus doing miracles, and hearing that Jesus was to be in Capernaum's synagogue Saturday, fitted him onto a stretcher they could carry. But on arriving at Capernaum's synagogue Saturday, they saw people crowded four deep around the synagogue.

But, being adventurous young men, they used ropes to hoist the stretcher on to the roof, and they went on to pick away roofing tiles until they had opened the ceiling in front of where Jesus was speaking. Then, they lowered the stretcher down to dangle right in front of Jesus.

Our Lord, always cool, spoke to the young man, saying, "Your sins are forgiven."
The boy who had agonized over the way his sins had  brought on the paralysis, was delighted over having his guilt removed. Jesus, pleased at the boy's reaction, and contemptuous over the doubts of his enemies, told the boy to walk.

Wha a great scene: watchng the boy roll up his bedding, and making his way out throug the crowd!

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