With its heat, dust, and flies Jericho was an unpleasant place.

Tuesday, 11/21/17

Luke wrote that Jesus had intended to pass right on through Jericho. We had a neighbor here who used to take tourists through Jericho. He saw a good reason for passing through Jericho quickly. With it being the world's lowest lying city, its heat was awful, and its flies were large and persistent.

To match the annoyance of Jericho's heat and flies I have a neighbor with a dog that barks all day. I am lucky in  having plenty of sins to atone for.

Seriously, yesterday's Gospel's the picture of the blind man who spent all his days squatting with the heat, with the giant flies, and the roadside dust should have us over and over making the best of things.

As for making the best of things, have you ever done anything like climbing a tree to see Jesus passing?

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Unknown said...

I being of sort stature myself can relate to Zaccheus. He was rewarded for his persistence.

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