Theology is Faith, seeking understanding..

Monday, 11/6/17

Next month I will be sixty-five years a priest, and I have thought up an odd way of celebrating. I am going to review the theological changes that I have gone through these sixty-five years.

So, what is theology? A thousand years ago St. Anselm defined theology as faith seeking understanding. I have come across four theological approaches that have aided me in understanding our Faith. T

Today I want to touch only on the second of those ways. It consists of our accepting only those religious practices that were with the Church from the beginning. It is known by the French word Ressoucement, or going back to Christianity's sources.

Three Frenchmen developed Ressourcement theology in the last century.  The first of them was Maurice Blondell, a layman born in 1860. The second was Henri de Lubac, A Jesuit, born in 1896. The third was Yves Congar, a Dominican born in 1994.

Together these three were responsible for almost all the grand advances made in the Second Vatican Council.  

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Unknown said...

Hi Father, I am afraid you made a typo. Yves Congar was born in 1904. Thanks and God bless.

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