The Romans completely destroyed Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D..

Tuesday  11/28/17

St. Luke wrote his  Gospel in the year  85 A.D. which was fifteen years after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in the year 70.  That might look like he was falsifying history, but maybe he was writing a warning to us who have lost much of our patriotism and our love for God. I have clear memories of men tearing up their tax refund checks, saying they meant to show their love for this country that has done so much for them.

What was the destruction of Jerusalem? Well, in Our Lord's time there were Jews who loved their country and its dream of independence. But after the year 65 their spirit became vicious
They formed bands that ambushed Roman army patrols. Carrying daggers called sheekas. they were called the Sheekaries; and they had hiding places in the back streets of Jerusalem.

In the year 69, the Roman Senate, finding no easy way for handling the Sheekaries, commissioned General Vespasian to obliterate Jerusalem . He had set up catapults all around the city, when he was chosen to be Roman emperor. He turned the destruction of the city over to his son, General Titus.

Titus, on being shown rhat the Pharisees had ben loyal to Rome, allowed them to resettle on the coast. After that, he starved Jerusalem to death while bombarding with his catapults, leaving it, as Jesus had predicted without a stone upon a stone.

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