November 24, 1962 was a big day for the Church.


This 24th of November, 1962, was special for the Church.  The Second Vatican Council had been in session for three months.

You know how our American president has a cabinet with a dozen secretaries : one of State, one of Education, one of Health and welfaries. In a similar way, the pope is assisted by the Curia, made up of a dozen or so congregations,, with a cardinal in charge of each of them.

The most powerful of those congregations was "The Holy Office." The carinal in charge of the  Holy Office was the church's Theological watchdog. He had the authority to ban anyone from preaching or publishing theological theories of which he disapproved. The Prefect of the Holy Office for five years had been Cardinal Ottaviani

On this November 24, 1962 Cardinal Ottaviani  rose to answer the question of how God speaks to us directly. His answer was that God speaks to us  directly through the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

To my amazement, cardinal after cardinal  and bishop after bishop rose to say that the Church

 cannot speak directly for God. Some of those objecting said that often the Church' s directives are more political than theological. Others quoted St. Anselm who said "Theology isaith seeking understanding. " All of us have Faith that is forever seeking understanding.

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