My Aquila was a lady

Saturday, 11/11/17

In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul asked to be remembered to Prisca and Aquila; and I am sorry to say this, but those names set me off on one of my old Korea stories.

With my county of Yang Yang having been part of North Korea, most of the young men there had been enlisted into North Korea's army. Then, when the South captured the county, those young men  were cut off from their young wives and their first children, never to be seen again. Many of the little families they were forced to abandon took on our parish church as their new home, and I baptized many of them.

Although Aquila was a man's name, we mistook it for a woman's when we brought Aquila and her little Joanna and Paul into our parish.

Aquila took on my laundry, and it was amazing that she could wash and iron it beautifully when you saw the cave where she and Joanna and Paul took up their residence.

The main thing I remember about Aquila is what a fine lady she was. She and her little family live on  in my heart.

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