Jesus made a rye remark to himself.

Saturday, 11/18/17

The first reading from "Wisdom" seems to comment on the destruction that Egypt
brought on itself for following other gods.

Jesus In the Gospel, used a parable to bring the people around to persevering in their praying.

But after having said all that, he seemed to have turned aside to make a sad judgment on the likelihood that the people would ignore his lesson. He asked himself, "When the Son of Man when comes will he find faith on the earth?"

His switching from the encouraging to the sad reality of the situation reminds me of a story of a priest visiting a sick man. After telling the poor fellow that he would be up and around in a few day, he turned, and in leaving the room, he bumped his head on the low doorway, and he asked, "How are you going to get a coffin through this doorway?"

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