Is there any way for us to relate to St. Elizabeth of Hungay?

Wednesday, 11/29/17

The Church today honors St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who lived from 1207 to 1231. A woman of royal birth, her life was so far removed from ours, that we wonder if there was any way we could relate to her.

At four she was sent away to learn all she would need to know for her marriage,. and at six she learned of her mother 's murder. Her marriage at fourteen with Prince Ludwig was the one joyous note in her life: She and her husband gleaned  gteat happiness from their three children. but her happiness fled when at twenty she lost Ludwig to an illness. She was quoted as saying, "He is dead, he is dead. My life has died with him."

She then lost herself in the service of the poor. Once Elizabeth was carrying a basket  of bread to the poor when she was stopped by the new prince who accused her of stealing royal property. She is often depicted with the bred basket that contained a miraculous spread of while and red roses.

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