"I am the Resurrection and the life."

"I am the Resurrection and the life."

Thursday. 10/2/17

Let me tell you about two funerals in the St. Louis Cathedral in 1966. The first of them was for a priest friend, and it had twelve of us priests in the choir loft, singing: 

"Dies Irae, dies illa, Solvet saeclum in favilla,
Teste David cum Sybilla" It was most satisfying for us who were
raised on real Catholic music.

My sister asked me to attend the other funeral. It was that off a boy engaged to the daughter of my brother-in-law's partner. My sister suggested that I should go, and perhaps help out on the altar.

I hadn't been needed. The dead soldier was the nephew of a priest friend of mine from high school; and there were thirty of us priests processing around to the front door of the cathedral.

As we walked, I was hoping we would sing the traditional "Dies Irae," instead of some modern stuff.

The most memorable moment in my life hit me when I followed our procession into the cathedral's back door.

The dead boy had been the partner of Ray Repp, the popular composer of Gospel music; and Ray was standing alone on the marble sanctuary floor, singing a song the deceased and he had composed together.

"I am the Resurrection and the life, he who believes in me will never die.
I am the Resurrection and the life, he who believes in me shall live a new life."

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