God isn't concerned in our giving him what we can afford.

Monday, 11/27/17

In its way, today's Gospel tells us an amusing story. It talks about how Jesus and the Apostles were watching people making their donations into the temple.

Wasn't it rude of them to be putting their noses into other people's business? For me it brings back Korean memories of people planting themselves nearby to watch me doing something that was none of their business. The Korean word for that was "Googyung."

I would at times express displeasure at someone's planting himself to watch me write a sermon. I would try to be well mannered about asking "What are you doing?" But the guy, acting as though he had every right to do it, would answer, "I am googyunging." '

Apart from that, Jesus was letting us know that God wasn't so much interested in people making a show of being generous with him. No, he was interested in how much of themselves they put into pleasing him.

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