Christ is our king who leads us onto heaven's shore.

Sunday, 11/26/17

Our Second Reading presents us with a way of seeing Christ as our king. It refers to him as "The first  fruits of those who have fallen asleep."

In ancient times the first of their race to have landed on a new shore was known as their king. So Christ, as the first to land on heaven's shore, is our king.

The welcoming of such a kind was known as his Triumph when he would come into possession of his kingdom. For such triumphs the King would lead his followers onto the new shore.

In the Preface for the Feast of Christ the King, we see Christ at the head of mankind cleansed from sin in Purgatory. 

"As king he claims dominion over all creation that he may present to you Father, an eternal and universal kingdom; a kingdom of truth and life, of holiness and grace, of justice, love and peace

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