We each have some weakness that keeps us from serving God as we should.

Wednesday, 10/25/ 17

Paul points out that as Christians our servitude is sworn to God, but our sinfulness often makes a mockery of our commitments to serve God.

To check ourselves on this, let's look at the  ways we might be giving ourselves over to sinfulness. For one thing, we may be enslaved by addictions. A song lyric from long ago had us saying, "Tell St. Peter at that Golden Gate that he will have  to wait, cause I've got to have another cigarette." That is funny, but there is nothing funny about addictions that make us incapable of serving God.

Each of us has a dominant weakness that lessens our ability to serve God. It could be strong selfishness or laziness, or just a lack of self discipline. A friend of mine had a teaching job overseeing kids who just have to waist God's time in fixing their hair or their nails, and in listening to numbing music on their I-pads.

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