Each new day can be a banquet to which God invites us..

Sunday, 10/15/17

The Gospel tells the story of a king who invited people to a feast he had prepared, only to have them ignore his invitation.

One way of seeing how that story applies to us, is to think of each day of our lives as a feast God has provided for us. There are at least two ways in which we might make the most of his invitation. One way would be for us to exercise our mental and physical abilities to make the most of God's given days. Another way would be for us to take to heart the saying that it is better to give than receive.

We can exercise our abilities by planting and working on a garden. We could make the most of our mental abilities by memorizing a favorite passage from the Bible or a favorite poem. We could compose a long letter for a close friend from our past. Once you get started with your initiatives, you could make much of the banquet God lays before you.

We can bring to life God's banquet of our days by going along with the old saying that it is better to give than to receive. We can give friendship to someone in need of it. I have a friend whose life is fuller by his taking two different handicapped people shopping for groceries every week. I have a niece who has been blind for twenty-five years; and she finds many ways for helping other blind people.  

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