A weak side to our character keeps us from becoming saints.

Friday, 10/27/17

Paul spoke of a force in his members that turned him from doing good to doing evil.  We wonder if he was speaking about Original Sin. Let's look into that.

From the year 395 to 430 St. Augustin never moved away from Hippo in north Africa where he was bishop. However, by receiving packets of mail day after day, from the year 4oo he began receiving reports on the preaching of a priest called  Prelagiius who was telling large congregations that they had it in them to become great saints.

He was like our present day's Norma Vincent Peele who told people to think positively, and who counted a young Donald Trump among his listeners.

Augustin reminded the followers of Pelagius that they all had a very weak side to their characters, and he invented the name Original Sin as a name for the weaknesses with which we are born.

It was only three centuries after Augustin that Christians began thinking of Augustin's Original Sin as a black spot we inherit from Adam and Eve.

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