We thank God for our fines ladies.

Friday, 9/22/17

Luke offered a tribute to the women who served the Lord out of their means. We might follow that up with a show of appreciation for the similar women we have been privileged to know.

I'd like to start with Mrs. Anna Voss who was our school principal at St. Paul's. The pastors under whom, she had served were one in calling her "The Lady." Along with that, she had a strong determination to always do the proper thing.

I thank God for letting me be the friend of an Irish nun, Sister Laurentia Cusack. In teaching in Catholic grade schools for forty-eight years, Larry never left her classroom until she had finished the next day's preparation. And, as a reliable friend, she sent best wishes to all her associates on the birthdays and anniversaries.

I like pairing Lois McNally and Gladys White. Without thinking of doing otherwise, they both gave generous efforts to their parish and their diocese. They ended up in different nursing homes where their long phone calls kept them doing all they could for us.

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