We can both avoid wrath and be forgiving if we presume that there is a good motif underlying someone's objectionable behavior.

Sunday, 9/17/17

Today's reading from he Scriptures urge us both to avoid wrath and to be forgiving, One shortcut for obtaining both objectives is for us to practice Understanding.

Chapter Eleven of the prophesies of Isaiah lists Understanding as one of the attributes that would characterize the Messiah. Let me quote that passage.

"The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him: a sprit of Wisdom, and Understanding; a spirit of  Counsel and Fortitude; a spirit of Knowledge and of Fear of the Lord."

Our English word Understanding actually defines itself. To be understanding we must recognize what is Standing Under anyone's questionable behavior.

Standing under a woman's wearing a ridiculous dress is her conviction that she looks pleasing.

Standing under a so-called friend's critical remarks is the conviction that he is pointing out a fault you would be happy to be rid of.

Although that often does not seems to be the case, it is basic psycological fact that people always acts to accomplish what at the moment seems good to them.

To be understanding we need to see that there is a good motif standing under another's objectionable behavior.

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