Jesus wants us to develop our writing skills.

Saturday, 9/2/17

In today's Gospel, Jesus urges us to fully develop the abilities with which we were born.

He wants us to make the best of our bodies, minds, and social skills.  In this regard, there is an area we seldom consider; namely, our skill at writing clearly.

We all have scatterings of good ideas on every subject; but they remain of little use, unless we can properly blend them in writing a journal, a letter, or a lesson.

Our scatterings of ideas are like the canisters of flour and sugar in our kitchen cabinet. They are like the  pound of butter and the pint of milk in our fridge. They are only unpalatable ingredients unless we combine them in exact proportion,   baking them at the proper time and heat. Only then will we have a fine cake.

So, when we sit down to blend our thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs, we will find that the process itself brings us to an awareness of charming and useful sequences of thoughts.  We bake our cake.

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