Jesus compared the Word of God to seeds that fall on four different types of soil.

Saturday, 9/23/17

In today's Gospel Jesus told us that the word of God can be compared to seeds falling on four different types of soil. The seed that falls on a pathway never sink in. The seed that falls on an inch of soil over a rock bed dies for a lack of roots. The seed that fall among thorns is choked by them; while the seed that falls on good ground produces fruit up to a hundredfold.

When Jesus spoke of the seed as the Word of God, he left it up to us to find out the various ways in which the Word of God can come to us. Of course, it comes to its n Bible readings. But it can also be seen in the plea of some looking for help. Wouldn't you say that it comes to us in a realization that we need to mend our ways? Doesn't is come to us when we are touched by the beauty of the sky, or by another's saintly behavior?

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