For us, following the Beatitudes should be as Important as keeping the Ten Commandments.

Tuesday, 9/5/17

Instead of drawing attention to what the Bible says to us in today's readings, let me touch on the similarity between Chapter Twenty-Four of Exodus and Chapter Five of Matthew's Gospel.

 Chapter Twenty-four of Exodus tell of how Moses went up the side of Mount Sinai. When the whole of the Chosen People had gathered below, Moses called the leaders of the twelve tribes to come up to his side. He then called out the Commandments of the Old Law, waiting until the people agreed to observing each of thm.

In Chapter Five of Matthew's Gospel, Jesus went up the mountainside. Then, with the people gathered below, he clled up the Apostles to come stand beside him as he inaugurated the New Covenant by calling out the eight Beatitudes.

Obviously, the comparison of Exodus Twenty-Four with Matthew Five is meant to tell us that the observance of the Beatitudes should be as important to us New Covenant people as the observance of the Ten Commandments was important to the Old Covenant people.

But it hasn't worked out that way with us. We see the need for not breaking any of the Commandments, but we hardly ever check ourselves on being poor in  spirit or in hungering after justice.  

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