We enjoy cities and vegetables grown by strangers.

Friday, 8/18/17

When his Chosen People had crossed the Jordan, and taken their Promised Land, God reminded them that they had inherited what they had not worked for.

"I gave you a land that you have not tilled and cities that you have mot built."

That is true for us too. We have food grown by others, we drive streets laid out by others. We complain about being stopped by a red light, without a feeling of gratitude for the traffic rules laid out by others to keep us safe.

In the first ten years of my priesthood i was dropped into a land that was devastated by war. We had no electricity, no paved streets, no phone service, no well-stocked stores.

The people in my Korean town, with no radios or street lights, wended their way up to our church for night prayers together, and afterwards we would chat on the edge of our hill.   Often folks told stories about when they were refugees, fleeing the war with no provisions.

Their word for those flights before invading armies was PInan, a story was a Yaggi. A boy named Chor Wanny had a Pinan-yaggi about his grandmother getting " the stinking disease." he said they cured her with the powder from bullets.

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