Today we will pick up the first part of he story of Ruth.

Friday, 8/25/17

Today and tomorrow we have the story of Ruth, who although she was a pagan girl, as the  great-grandmother of their King David. she forced the Jews to honor her.

Back in 1200 B.C the twelve sons of Jacob drew lots to see what portion of the Promised Land would belong to each of their descendants forever. In that drawing, Judah won all the land from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean. Following on that, the heads of the twenty families in the tribe of Judah, drew lots for apportioning out the fields of the land of Judah.

The family of a man named Elimelech drew the land around Bethlehem, and although they prospered there for a time, two years of draught forced Elimelech to take his wife Naomi to the fertile land across the Dead Sea in Moab.

They had two sons there, and the boys married the pagan girls Orpah and Ruth. But, when Elimielech and his sons died, Orpah returned to her own people; but Ruth stayed with Naomi, saying, "Wherever you go, I will go; your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God."

I had intended laying out the full story of Ruth today, but with time running out, I will have to pick up the rest of the story tomorrow.    

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