Today we honor St. Dominic .

Tuesday, 8/8/17

In 1140 Domenic was born In northern Spain’s Castile where he was raised in the household of an archbishop. Brought up as a cleric, at twenty-two he stepped out of line by selling his books to feed the poor.

Ordained at twenty-six, Dominic became a canon, with the duty of chanting the hours in the cathedral. A break came when he was thirty-two. The son of the king of Castile, by his noble birth could wed only another noble. So the king sent Dominic as part of a team to bring back the daughter of the King of Denmark. But when Dominic and the others reached Denmark, they found the princess dead.

In southern France, on their way back, they fell in with the Cathars, followers of a Persian religion brought back by the crusaders. The Cathars believed in an evil, as well as a good creator. They felt that fighting, and consuming of animal products put them in an allegiance to Ahriman, the evil creator.

The king of France, wanting the lands of the Cathars, with the pope’s permission, waged a religious crusade against them, slaying many  who did not believe in fighting back.   

The pope, ashamed of his complicity with the king of France, appointed Dominic as the Inquisitor of southern France. Charging him with converting the Cathars.   Dominic attained considerable success at that. He and the team abstained from all animal products, and they showed themselves to be as docile as the Cathars, going beyond them by supporting themselves only with what they could beg. .

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