The feast of the Israelites followed their farming year.

Friday, 8/4/17

The feast days of he Israelites were parts of their farming year and and a remembrance of their exodus from Egypt. Their first month when they ate their Passover was our March. Their seventh month, when they celebrated their week-long Feast of Booths was our November.  

On our November tenth they had their Feast of Atonement. Then, from our fourteenth of November they had their Feast of Booths, a week-long remembrance of their living in tents in the Sinai. That week they lived in palm tree tents in the streets.

In th evenings that week they went up to the temple court yard for services recalling their desert years. (Like, they poured water over the altar, recalling the water that came from the rock.)

Following the Feast of Booths, they planted their winter wheat. Four months later In spring, they would take a sheaf of the first wheat to ripen, offering ti to God. Then, for fifty days they worked till late, bringing in the harvest.

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