The Ark led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

Thursday, 8/17/17

After the Israelites had wandered in the desert for forty years, God called them to pass over into their Promised Land. As one last trial for them, God called on them to pass through the Jordan when ir was flooded with melting snow from  Mount Hermon in Lebanon.

Joshua had the priests carrying the Ark stand, facing into the swollen river, and he ordered the people to line up behind the priests. Then, came the great trial with Joshua ordering the priests with the Ark to head into the water.

The water backed up. allowing the priests carrying the Ark to lead the people down into tho bottom of he riverbed. Joshua had the priests stop there, allowing the people to pass by them. 

In God's description of the Ark Moses was to build. ( Chapter Twenty-Five of Exodus) he was to surmount it with two angels facing each other, and God said it was from between those angels that he would speak to Moses. That made the Ark similar to our tabernacle, with God's presence.   

When the people had all passed up onto the shore, the priests carrying the Ark followed them. And, at that, the waters came rushing down.

Since the Promised land for us will be heaven, and crossing through the riverbed willl be our passing through death, it will not be the Ark opening the way for us. It will be Jesus on the cross.


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