Moses did not know our world as well as we do.

Wednesday, 8/16/17

In the First Reading Moses was treated to a view of the Promised Land, stretching from Lebanon to Egypt. So, forgive me if I speak of the much bigger world that we knw.

People in the time of Moses felt that their world was four thousand years old, while science today tells us that our universe has been here since a big bang thirteen billion years ago.

Moses had not known of the vast Atlantic Ocean lying beyond the Mediterranean, but our Voyager 2 Spacecraft launched in 1977, has been directed to each of our orbiting planets, last of all beaming back detailed information about the atmosphere of the planet Neptune.

The most meaningful information gleaned from our space probes is that the whole of the universe follows the same predicable order.

I am overly fond of quoting a line from Dante's 1300 "Divine Comedy,"  "All things among themselves possess an order, and this order is the form that makes the universe like God."

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