Like Nathaniel we should spend time alone with God when we are completely honest with ourselves.

Thursday. 8/24/17

Today we honor the Apostle Nathaniel, who was also known as Bartholomew, because he was the son of Tolmeus. (Peter was identified as Simon, and as Simon Barjona, son of Jona.)

Jesus identified Nathaniel as a man with no duplicity. We will come back to that, but first, let's look into Nathaniel's amazement over Jesus saying he saw him under the fig tree.

What amazed Nathaniel there was his certainty that only God could have seen him when he was alone under the fig tree. That brought Nathaniel to say, "You are the Son of God."

Coming back to Jesus saying that Nathaniel had no duplicity in him, Jesus was saying that Nathaniel was a hundred percent honest with himself.

So, two things we should take away from this story are first, that we should strive to experience being alone with God; and secondly that we should be completely honest with ourselves, putting aside both all animosity towards others, and suppressing all inflated motions of our own worth

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