Let's do what must be done.

Wednesday, 8/9/17

Our readings today tell about people who were ready to take on hard tasks. Caleb, with God’s help, was willing to invade a Promised Land occupied by giants. The Canaanite woman, for the sake of saving her daughter, was willing to endure the scorn of the Apostles.

The readings seem to be urging each of us to take on some hard task that needs doing. We have been putting off some studying that we know we should get into. We should straighten up our room, or our paper work, or our closets that are full of what we have no use for.

In an old movie I think it was Donald O’Connor who sang, “It’s a lovely day today, and whatever you have to do, It’s a lovely day for doing it, that’s true. And if it’s something that must be done, and it can only be done by one; then, there is nothing more to say, but it’s a lovely day for doing it today.

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