Is our Catholic Church the only true church?

Sunday, 8/20/17

The Council of Trent, four hundred years ago, trained us to see ours as "The Only  True Church." We made it sinful to assist at a wedding in any non-Christian Church.

However, fifty years ago, when the twenty-five hundred bishops gathered at the Second Vatican Council over four years, they decided we should give credit to members of other churches. At least three of its official documents told us to honor others.

The Constitution on the Church said, Many elements that sanctify the church are found outside the Church's visible limits.

And, anyone who does what is right is acceptable to God.

And, "All men are called to the catholic unity and can belong to it or be related to it."

The Document on Ecumenism states. "Many of the element that build up and give life to the Church can be found outside its boundaries."

The Document on non-Christian Religions states, "We reject nothing that is true and holy in other religions."

And, "The Church has a high regard for Muslims."

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