Each of us will be ready to die happy if we have become God-like.

Thursday, 8/31/17

The Gospel. in telling us that the Lord will come for us when we least expect it. Death  may come on us when we thought we still had time to get the important things done.

We would like to have paid our debts, we could like to have reconciled ourselves to friends we had injured.We would like it if we had lived up to the saying "Be the best that you can be."

Let me tell you what I think would be a perfect life that you could be satisfied with.

Thirty-five years ago a Sixth Grade girl raised her hand, and asked, "If we are all made in God's likeness, how come some people are left-handed?"

My quick answer to that was, "My sister Peggy is left-handed, so maybe God makes all mean people left-handed so we can look out for them."

But that evening, I reconsidered that answer. For one thing, Peggy was a wonderful person. For another, the girl deserved an answer to the question  "How can we all be like God, when we are so different from each other?"

I came up with this answer to that last question. It is this: we should picture God as being like a diamond with millions of facets. Each of us then was  created with a potential of bringing ourselves to mirror our own facet of God.

Each of us can die happy if we have brought our life to mirror our unique facet of God.

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