Does everything we own really belong to God?

Thursday, 8/10/17

Today we honor Lawrence, patron saint of Rome. It was in 220 that he was born in Rome’s Spanish colony, At twenty he was taken under the wing of a bishop of Greek heritage. And that man, elected as Pope Sixtus II, brought Lawrence with him to Rome.

In 258 Sixtus was decapitated by Emperor Valerian, whose executioners gave Lawrence three days to collect all the church’s valuables for the use of the Emperor. 

He did part of that, bringing together everything of value owned by the Church, but instead of ceding it to the Emperor, he distributed the Church’s valuables among the poor, submitting himself to beheading with the conviction that he was right with God.

Should we consider everything we own as really belonging to God? And, at times should we see God wanting us to distribute such riches  among the poor?

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