Do we share in the lack of character of those who put John to death?

The bad behavior of several people contributed to the death of John the Baptist, and we could ask why they did what they did. Let’s look at what motivated Herod, Herodias, her daughter, the executor and the birthday guests.

Herod really didn’t want to put John to death. John so fascinated him that he liked to sit close by to hear John speaking with his jailers, but he didn't want to be seen as a man who went back on what he promised.

Herodias had left her husband Phillip to marry the more influential Herod. She felt that her dignity put her above any right of John to question her behavior.

Her daughter seemed to have appreciated the applause of the dinner guests, and she had been raised in such a cruel household that she didn’t feel squeamish about asking for John’s head.

The dinner guests were so given over to enjoying themselves that they had lost any sense of common morality.

The man who took off John's head liked John, having enjoyed listening to him, but he would have to pay with his life if he disobeyed Herod.

So, each of the participants in John's death was moved to that wicked deed by one weak spot in his or her

It is interesting to muse on what makes up a person with real character. He or she has no weak spot in their make-up.

What about you? Have you a moral weak spot that could leave you open to doing something quite wrong?
 If you have no such weak  spot, you are a person with real character.

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