We will be held accountable for the way we have used our blessings.

Tuesday, 7/18/17

 In the Gospel Jesus spoke to the towns where he had peached and worked miracles. He chided them for their poor response to the favors he had showered on them.

He applies the same complaints on us. Each of us could compose long lists of the opportunities opened to us. We have had great teachers who favored us not only with great book learning, they have also showed us loving lessons on the right way to live.

I have a teacher friend who works with teen agers who never benefitted from examples on how to live. They wander around, or they play with their I-Phones or their hair.

We who have received such a wealth of good examples and friends will be held accountable for the blessing we have received. We will be accountable for our kindness in passing on these benefits.   

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