"Wake up, Jesus, we are swamped!"

Tuesday, 7/4/17

Imagine that you and your friends have heard about the wonder-worker, Jesus, and you have brought your paralyzed friend to him, only to see your friend get up and walk. He said he was carrying his mat home, because that was what Jesus told him to do.

And with the Jesus speaking to the crowded Capernaum synagogue you have heard the people saying “Never has anyone spoken with such authority!”

Seeing Jesus come down, and get into a boat, you and your friends took the chance, squeezing in, and getting hold of oars. Then, as you were pulling out into the lake, you see Jesus searching out a place in front, only to fall asleep.

Not a good idea, there is a storm coming up!

With a sleeping Jesus tossed from side to side, the evening grew dark, with the boat rising so high, and falling so deep, that the waves swept over you, filling the boat with enough water to immediately sink it.

The sea had frightened you before, but not with the sure-death finality of this. You joined in shouting, “Jesus, Jesus, wake up!"

With the boat dropping into the waves to where it could never rise again, Jesus awoke to admonish the storm, telling it to be quiet.

Then, squatting in a heap, struggling for your breath, you are whispering, “What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him?”

And to think: he did it on the Fourth of July!

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