St. Mark gave us a closer look at how Jesus dealt with the little dead girl.

Monday, 7/10/17

Let us touch lightly on both readings.

In the first reading, Jacob saw angels going up and coming down  stairway to heaven. Those going up were carrying the request people were making of God, while those coming down were bringing down God’s answers to our prayers.

What makes this first reading different was it was the first time we humans were assured that God answers our prayers.

In the second reading, the woman thought her illness made her unclean, and she did not want to transfer her uncleanness to Jesus, so she thought it safe enough, and him powerful enough, that just a touch of his clothing would radiate a cure for her.

The last story, about Jesus raising uo the dead child was more beautiful in Mark’s version of it. There, Mark gave us the actual words of Jesus. In Aramaic his words “Little girl arise” were actually, “Talitha koum!”

Then, Mark remembered Jesus afterwards telling the girls parents to give the child something to eat.

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