John's G0ospel echoes the exodus story, with Jesus leading us to the Proimsed Land.

The first reading speaks of how the people, at the beginning of the forty years in the desert, set up a tent where they might meet with the Lord, When Moses entered the tent the cloud of God's glory would cover the tent.

We see something like this in the first chapter of John's Gospel. There we read how the Lord dwelt among us, and we saw his glory. However, in John's Gospel escanasan the Greek word we translate as "dwelt. actually means "set up a tent."  .

If we read his Gospel carefully we see that John's underlying theme is that just as the Father led the people to their Pro,missed Land, so the Son leads us tour Promised Land. John tells us how Jesus gave us true bread from heaven. It tells us how Jesus called out, ""If anyone thirsts let him come to me," It tells us how Jesus is the light we can follow in the darkness.

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