How Jacob met Rachel:

Saturday, 7/15/17

In the first reading, Jacob asked his sons to bury him and Rachel next to his parents and grandparent. That conclusion to their partnership brings us to recall how their love began.

Back when Jacob grew old enough to have a wife, his parents sent him to the upper Euphrates where their God-fearing relatives still lived.  One night on his way, Jacob had a marvelous dream. He saw a double stairway to heaven with some angels going up to God with our prayers, and other angels coming down with God’s answers to our prayers.

When Jacob arrived at the land of his cousins, he saw a strange sight. Shepherds with their panting sheep lay all around a well. It was closed with a heavy stone across its top. The shepherds told him that water was so scarce, that it had to be equally divided among them. So, to keep strangers from stealing from their waterl, they covered its top with s flat stone that was so large that it could only be removed when all the shepherds tugged at it together.

Jacob had sat with those shepherds, waiting for their whole number to arrive to remove the stone. But then, Rachel with her beautiful eyes arrived with her little flock; and the sight of her turned Jacob on high.

Alone by himself he threw off that immense stone, then. alone by himself, he drew up water for the sheep of Rachel. Still overcome by her beauty, he kissed her, then he sat down and cried.

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