Fine examples have raised us to be good people ourselves.

Thursday, 7/27/17

“Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. Many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see and to hear what you hear.”

Jesus there has a thinking of the fine models who raised us to be adequate not only in Religion matters but also in good living.

Martha, a woman I knew in Korea had an inventive streak for making her house charming and her meals tasty, but she had never been given a chance to learn how to read. That had her slapping her eyes for their great lack. I learned gratitude for literacy from her.

Once when I was twelve and my brother Frank was twenty-three, he had a friend  into our house. Now, I had heard my older sister say that guest was not too smart, so I told him. “My sister says you are not very bright.” Frank took me by one ear , and he made me see that rudeness to a guest is a terrible thing.

In 1965 a forgotten manuscript of St. Thomas More turned up in Spain, and was sent to Yale for an analysis. They in turn forwarded it to Clarence Miller at St. Louis University. He was at work on it, when I turned in an assignment on “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Clarence took the time off to show me the difference between scholarly analysis and idle blather.

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