There is hope for all of us when we see how poorly Peter and Paul behaved at times. ,

Thursday, 6/39/17

Today we honor the two greatest Apostles, Peter and Paul. However, we might see that there is hope for all of us, when we consider how God had to give each of them a good shaking up to get thm to behave worthily.

St. Stephen’s youth and sincerity meant nothing to Paul. When he saw boys picked up rocks to stone Stephen to death.  Paul made it easy for them by holding their coats while they did it. He then, did the legal work that allowed him to go to Damascus to imprison the Christians there.

When Jesus was being tried for his life, Peter was very curious about it; but when asked if he were a follower to Jesus,  he three times protested, “I don’t know the man.” Then, when he saw Paul sitting down to eat with Gentiles, Peter, not wanting to look poorly, refused to join them.

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