The Trinity is the Mystery of three Persons in one God.

Sunday, 6/11/17

Today is the Feast of the Blessed Trinity when we honor the mystery of one God in three persons.

So, first of, it is a mystery, or a truth that we cannot fully understand. Since we cannot understand it, we should not try to explain it. So, forget about St. Parick holding up a three leaf shamrock.

Secondly, and this is most important, it is the mystery of one God. There are religious groups that can go wrong in isolating Jesus, singing, “Jesus, Jesus, you are my God!”

There are Pentecostals who speak exclusively about the dominating role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

There are Unitarians who go wrong in ignoring Jesus as he said, “I and the Father are one.”

What, then, are the Persons? Holding tight to the fact that it is a mystery we cannot understand, we can accommodate all this to our weak minds by saying the word “person” originally was a mask with per meaning “though,” and son being “to sound.”

So, each of the three persons is the one God coming to us in three different roles. On the other hand. the Trinity is a Mystery we can never fully understand.

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