The New Covenant far exceeds the Old.

Wednesday, 6/14/17

In the first reading Paul tells us how th New Covenant is superior to the Old Covenant I for one, can’t follow Paul’s reasoning, so let me try a distant approach to what he was saying.

For that, let me start with three things Jesus said at the Last Supper: he said, “This is the New Covenant; he said it was implemented with his blood; and he said it had a new commandment, namely that we love each other as he has loved us.

Let’s see how those three echoed the old Covenant under Moses.

A covenant is a contract in which the parties exchange not only things of value, but their very selves, the way the man and wife give each other their selves in a true marriage.

In sealing the New Covenant with his blood Jesus has us all sharing his  very life with him, but also sharing life with each other in him. In the Old Covenant the blood was the blood of goats, and it didn’t really unite its parties.

In the Old Covenant the commandment was the sum of the ten Commandments. In the New, by loving each other as he has loved us we lovingly go far beyond such things as not stealing and not committing adultery. 

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