The measure you measure with will be messed back to you.

Monday, 6/26/17

Jess said, “The measure you measure with will be measured back to you.”

In Our Lord’s time, as in some back country places today, there were no package foods of fixed weight. No, the grain dealer, in buying from the farmer, used quart boxes for judging what the farmer was selling him part of the farmer’s harvest. The dealer, after filling the measured box, would run a ruler over its rim, assuring the farmer that he would be paid the exact amount coming to him.

Then, when the harvest is far behind the farming country, the famer, in need for flour or rice or his family, would return to the dealer to buy back a few quarts of what he had sold the dealer.  

Now, grain dealers in Our Lord’s time, and even at country places today, often profited by using a larger measures for what the farmer brought in, but smaller ones for selling grain back to the farmer.

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